RUFA-CO - Back for More in 2019!

We’re back for 2019! And we’re excited and hope you’ll join us. 2018 was a great start, but 2019 is a chance for us all to run more and do more to improve our air quality. Some things to look forward to at RUFA-CO in 2019:

  1. More Pierogis!

  2. Shuttle service to and from the start.

  3. Staggered start times so that you’ll have more friends to share the trail with.

  4. A brand new course - more trail and less road.

  5. New sponsors.

  6. New partner - Protect Our Winters!

  7. Tons of prizes and awards.

  8. So many good things.

Come join us, March 9, 2019.

Peter Downing